A collaboration of Gregory Emfietzis with Nicholas Peters (aka Underscore) exploring reel to reel tape machines.

About [Post]Analogue – by Nicholas Peters [29/06/11]

The simple answer is curiosity, I’d never seen a reel to reel tape machine live and through John Cage and Steve Reich was really intrigued about working with tape.  Particularly in Reich’s case the question and fascination over ‘how tape machines made music’ was one driving force behind the choice of reel to reel tape machines as Underscore’s first project.  The other inspiration came when I randomly went to a production of Samuel Beckett’s play ‘Krapp’s Last Tape’ at my local theatre in Taunton, Somerset.  As much as the use of reel to reel tape machine was the performance space layout with the male actor sat at a desk at the front with the audience sat in straight lines facing inwards on the other three sides of the square space. As for the title of the project, it is a comment from Carl Rosman upon a question I asked in a workshop at Darmstadt on composing for Clarinet between him and Rebecca Saunders (composer).

Gregory Emfietzis
A Monologue (2011), 10″, for two reel to reel tape machines and one performer.

Christopher Fox
Three-way accumulator (2011), 5″, for three voices and one reel to reel tape machine.
Three Constructions after Kurt Schwitters (1993), 20″, for tape.

Anton Lukoszevieze
Lithuania Dreaming (2011), 8″, for one reel to reel tape machine.

Nicholas Peters
Workhouse (2011), 12″, for one reel to reel tape machine.