10362569_10152996402792935_8523987200610055995_nA piece of contemporary music and dance by the Consensus Dance Company, attempting to re-contextualise the myth of Antigone. It explores the physicality of the characters as well as the embodiment of frustration and tragedy.

In collaboration with composer Gregory Emfietzis (for the second time since Défigure sur la plage inerte) and the Metapraxis Ensemble, and with support by the Arts Council and our crowdfunders, choreographer Aline Derderian finds an opportunity to pay tribute to her Armenian origins for the hundred anniversary of the Armenian genocide of 1915.

In the challenge that is diffusing contemporary performance towards Armenian community and vice versa, Consensus Dance Company showcased its work at TripSpace Projects, London on May 8th and 9th 2015.


The dancing cast:
Sarah Adjou, Alessio Capelli, Aline Derderian, Ughetta Pratesi, Paolo Rosini

The Metapraxis:
George Barton, Rosha Fitzhowle, Ilze Ikse, Matt London, Andrew Power