Metapraxis Projects

Winter Journey

The Winter Journey is an audiovisual collage, structured on elements taken from or inspired by Franz Schubert's Winterreise, narrating refugee memories in their displacement travel to the unknown. It is an openly collaborative venture, initiated as a response to the current humanitarian crisis developing in a global level.
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Sisyphus Distressing

METAPRAXIS VI: SISYPHUS DISTRESSING 7/11: Sisyphus Distressing @IKLECTIK, London After several years without one of ‘our own’ projects, with some new and some older faces, and additional extra gear, we touched base with the Metapraxis VI: Sisyphus Distressing. In agreement with the traditional …à la Metapraxis structure, seven pieces have been (dis-)joined, merged, and linked in varying ways, in order to
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