Ilze Ikse is a flutist based in London. She was born in Latvia where she obtained her Bachelor and Master’s degree with professor Imants Sneibis at the Latvian Academy of Music. She continued her studies at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague under the professor Thies Roorda, and later moved to London where she received a S.S. Payne Award and Latvian Educational Foundation Scholarship to study for a Postgraduate Diploma at the Royal Academy of Music. She now continues her studies with Michael Cox. Ilze has a special interest in contemporary music, and has worked with many young composers as well as with the renowned Manson Ensemble, Disctractfold, Plus Minus Ensemble. As a member of the Saltpetre collective, she has worked to create the contemporary opera Tonseisha with composer Kim Ashton and soprano Philippa Boyle. She is also currently collaborating with composers Matias Hancke and Robert Szymanek on new works for flute and electronics, and with composer Antonia Barnett-McIntosh on a collaborative project for a dancer and musician.