Metapraxis Backstage

Welcome to our backstage group! We are grateful that you have supported our work so far, and we would love to have you on board on our future adventures! In 2019, Metapraxis celebrates its 10th birthday, and we want to make a step forward in all possible levels! The first step is completed, and we are now officially a registered non-profit organisation; the next steps are even more crucial!

Please take a minute to read the below, on why we have created this subscription club, what you  can get from it and how you can further support our work:

Firstly and most importantly, we are in need of all the extra time you can give us in order to reduce other working commitments, and invest more time on the creation and evolution of collaborations, the research and development of projects, and of course the music-making itself! It may not always be obvious, that most of the challenging and creative -as well as those boring admin, publicity, fundraising and other- efforts needed for such organisations, can only be exercised during the out-of-work hours, as they are in most cases unpaid. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to dedicate enough quality time to our work for the ensemble, which can at times  affect its quantity and quality.

Secondly, there is a plan, in addition to any other projects/shows we might be involved with, to host an annual event in order to showcase a variety of (old and new) works and performers, and to celebrate your unconditional support. This is happening around October/November of each year (as an anniversary of both the very first Metapraxis concert in November 2009, and Greg’s birthday), and we have already completed our pilot in 2017, and are on track for a second pilot in 2018.

And, as for any other business, there can be  various other costs involved during any of the above stages (not always obvious), including; investing on equipment, booking rehearsal/performance venues, travelling to local or remote places for rehearsals, hiring musicians/technicians/designers/other staff, advertising/fundraising for upcoming events, recording and publishing scores/cds, subscriptions to professional organisations, and many more…

All the above are very rarely funded by external bodies, and it would make a huge difference to receive your help. Let me thank you once more for your time and willingness to consider becoming part of our backstage team!

Obviously you’ll get a lot of music with your subscription, recordings and videos of previous, current and future productions (these refer to full, often HQ audio/video recordings, not 2-5 minutes excerpts), along with exclusively UNRELEASHED interviews. You really can’t lose! All the above will be delivered to you via an app, email or on social networks (or in hard copies in special occasions).

Subscribers will also get an exclusive postcard in the post every 6-12 months depending on the amount of developments, and some acoustic (or other) merchandise. Also, photos, videos, scores, news – you name it. This list of benefits is currently under development/expansion, and subscribers will get to propose additional benefits once they join.

Finally, private pre/post-concert meet ups are in place already, as well as communication channels for all sort of questions! Free entrance for events organised by us (currently planning two per year), or advanced/reduce-priced bookings for shows we are involved in.

These are the benefits for everyone involved at this stage, and you can see on the right that higher donations offer additional benefits. Hopefully, more will be added here over time! As mention earlier, as a charity we are now able to take advantage of Gift Aid, which means your contributions (no matter how big or small) have an even bigger impact on us!