Gregory Emfietzis

Metapraxis VI: Sisyphus Distressing

After several years without one of ‘our own’ projects, with some new and some older faces, and additional extra gear, we touched base with Sisyphus Distressing. In agreement with the traditional …à la Metapraxis structure, seven pieces have been (dis-)joined, merged, and linked in varying ways, in order to form a single unit. That was also our debut at IKLECTIK, a very welcoming and flexible venue,
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A piece of contemporary music and dance by the Consensus Dance Company, attempting to re-contextualise the myth of Antigone. It explores the physicality of the characters as well as the embodiment of frustration and tragedy. In collaboration with composer Gregory Emfietzis (for the second time since Défigure sur la plage inerte) and the Metapraxis Ensemble, and with support by the Arts Council and our crowdfunders, c
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Metapraxis V: the DIY series

The fifth Metapraxis projects presents the DIY series, a series of closely related works by Gregory Emfietzis, exploring the theatricality of music performance.
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Metapraxis IV: … a dream [within a dream]v …

The fourth Metapraxis project includes live music performance, dead electronics, dead video projections (which seem to come alive every now and then), living and dead composers, some dead instruments and a ghost messing around… Works by: Samuel Barber, Gregory Emfietzis, Bright Sheng, Caroline Wilkinson Scenography by: Paul Gittins
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Liquid Evolution

Composer Gregory Emfietzis and choreographer Mariana Lucia Marquez weave together sound and movement developed from her daily dance meditations by Lavender Pond and the Thames in South East London. In dialogue with musicians Myrto Loulaki (singer, multi-instrumentalist) and Guilermina Chivite (violin) of Metapraxis Ensemble, Marquez renders an in-the-moment interpretation of Emfietzis’ score. Sound: Gregory Emf
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