Scott McLaughlin

Metapraxis III: Silence (e)Sound muSic noiSe

The third Metapraxis project -inspired by John Cage’s ideas on silence, sound and noise- is exploring the function of music in performance and the concept of songs in contradicting formats. Acoustic and electro-acoustic works by: William Cheshire, Ann Cleare, Gregory Emfietzis, Christopher Fox, Johnny Herbert, Scott Mc Laughlin and Franz Schubert.
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Metapraxis II: …flow my tears…

The second Metapraxis project, built on John Dowland’s ‘Flow my tears‘ and Yannis Kyriakides’s ‘Satellites‘, is thematically concerned with the contemporary world life’s current state of affairs, consequences of selfishness and personal insensitivity. Acoustic and electro-acoustic works by: John Dowland, Gregory Emfietzis, George Holloway, Yannis Kyriakides, Scott McLaughlin
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