Sisyphus Distressing


7/11: Sisyphus Distressing @IKLECTIK, London

After several years without one of ‘our own’ projects, with some new and some older faces, and additional extra gear, we touched base with the Metapraxis VI: Sisyphus Distressing. In agreement with the traditional …à la Metapraxis structure, seven pieces have been (dis-)joined, merged, and linked in varying ways, in order to form a single unit. That was also our debut at IKLECTIK, a very welcoming and flexible venue, particularly for the type of events we tend to put on! – Metapraxis 11/2017

We turn toward God only to obtain the impossible. As for the possible, men suffice. – Albert Camus

Metapraxis VI: Sisyphus Distressing

A music (with a pinch of theatre) performance, was presented on the 7th of November (Albert Camus’s birthday anniversary), bringing to life a narrative based on the myth of Sisyphus: an avant-garde sonic environment full of experimental, theatrical and visual elements, intersecting with the absurd narration of the well-known myth (as it was seen by Camus). This project was conceived as the second part of a music and theatre trilogy, based on Camus’s notion of revolt: “the attitude of heroic defiance or resistance to whatever oppresses human beings“. The first part of it can be seen here (performed by the LSO).

The development and production of Sisyphus Victimised have been generously supported by the Hinrichsen Foundation.

Metapraxis VI: Sisyphus Distrssing [2017/18]

Sisyphus Distressing relates the absurdity of man’s life with the situation of Sisyphus (our protagonist), an iconic image from Greek mythology who was condemned to repeat forever the same meaningless task of pushing a boulder up a mountain, only to see it roll down again. The key points we explore are: endless repetition, meaninglessness, struggle, failure, and hope. The work of the Algerian/French philosopher Albert Camus on Sisyphus is playing a major role on this exploration. The other crucial element of our performance, the mirror, comes from Grimm Brothers’ Evil Queen (antagonist of Snow White).

Sisyphus Distressing is a sonic venture in flexible format. The content of each performance is partly altered as our focus switches between different key points. The project started with a set number of Emfietzis’s existing compositions: sonic works involving various non-musical elements, such as gestures, acting, lights, design. It has since been continuously developing, and thus each of the FOUR previous performances (at IKLECTIK, Blue Elephant Theatre, Cafe OTO & The Cockpit Theatre) were substantially different!

Living is keeping the absurd alive. – Albert Camus

The Metapraxis
Gregory Emfietzis (composition/devising/production), Neil Georgeson (piano/narration), Angela Hui (percussion), Ilze Ikse (flutes), Loukia Loulaki (cello), Myrto Loulaki (voice), Susan Merrick (integrated BSL interpretation), Rebecca Raimondi (violin)

The supporting crew Kyveli Anastasiadi (videographer), Edd Cross (video producer), Alma Daskalaki (co-producer), Alex Lesseps (videographer), Matt London (audio engineer), Damian Posse (co-producer, videographer), Mayra Stergiou (stage director)

Metapraxis VI: Rebecca Raimondi
Metapraxis VI: Sisyphus Distressing
Metapraxis VI: Myrto Loulaki
Metapraxis VI: Neil Georgeson
Metapraxis VI: Angela Hui & Ilze Ikse
Metapraxis VI: Sisyphus Distressing